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Hiroshi Minato

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Hiroshi Minato

Hiroshi Minato

men's contemporary aluminum jewelry

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave)

I am a men's contemporary aluminum jewelry artist living in Somerville, Massachusetts. My pieces are designed to be asymmetric yet balanced, simple yet sophisticated. They are often described as minimalistic and geometrical but I do not have any specific theme or motif.

My necklaces often have a flat polished surface with a hammered edge. The other side has a gently textured round finish. You can wear them with either side facing out.

As for the cuff bracelets in the images, one piece has a polished flat surface on the front. The other has a polished flat surface on the side. They create unique reflections and looks. Additionally, one end of each bracelet gets hammered to add a subtle accent. You can decide which piece and how many pieces you put on based on your occasion. Hiroshi

p.s. you can find more images of my work and my creative process on Instagram.

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