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Kanch by Kolika

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Kanch by Kolika

Kanch by Kolika

Stained glass and kilnformed glass

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Community Center (20 Academy Street)


Kolika is a self-taught glass artist from Somerville, known for her nature-inspired glasswork, asymmetric aesthetics and stellar use of negative space. Drawing on her background as a scientist, Kolika brings an experimental approach to her studio, continuously pushing boundaries, exploring heat cycles, thorough documenting, gathering inspiration with an entrepreneurial spirit. Kolika individually handcrafts each piece over multiple days, sometimes mimicking Nature, sometimes incorporating it.
Kanch by Kolika can be found in museum shops, galleries, and specialty culinary stores throughout New England, and of course, in homes across the world. Her lifelike tropical leaves hold fruits, larger-than-life poppies hold fresh bread. The intriguing beehive stained glass filter sunshine.
Kanch (which means glass) is for quiet mornings as well as dinner tables full of laughter and love.

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