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Nancy French

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Nancy French

Nancy French

Wood, watercolor, fiber

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave)

Nancy French
Townsend, MA

I have been working with wood for over 30 years. Having strayed from my traditional furniture making background, my current work with is a mix of sculptural and practical.
I use fallen branches, tree bark, firewood, hardwood scraps from other projects and wood that has been discarded by others. Nature defines the outcome of my work. Inspiration is never far away when you look around the natural world. A walk around the backyard or the firewood stack can be the beginning of a project.
There are so many opportunities for artists to re-purpose discarded, damaged or worn out materials. Finding a creative end for something that is no longer useful is an adventure.
I am always collecting interesting branches, bark or bits of wood.
I also work with discarded fabrics and wool scraps making puppets and mittens.
I recently began abstract painting with watercolors.

More of my work can be seen on my website
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