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Sharon Stafford Metals

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Sharon Stafford Metals

Sharon Stafford Metals

Studio Jewelry & Contemporary Basketry

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave)

I create contemporary wire basketry and studio jewelry using an eclectic mix of metalsmithing, woven metal, and crocheted wire in my work.

It is the textures � both visual and tactile � that draw me to metals and to weaving. The feel of metal has always drawn me in, whether wire or sheet, smooth or textured, hammered or woven. And the visual pull of woven metal just never ends for me. I have to get in closer, understand it, and touch it. Most of my work incorporates weaving, crocheting, foldforming, and/or hammering.

Be sure to check out my limited edition ornaments crocheted with wire. I�ve been creating one new original design each year � since 2012!

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