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Liz Buchanan

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Liz Buchanan

Liz Buchanan

Mixed media - Collage & Acrylics

Location @ AOS:

Arlington Town Hall (730 Mass Ave), 1st Floor

I credit the Arlington Center for the Arts, specifically Linda Dunn’s collage class and the longtime influence of Adria Arch, with giving me the inspiration and confidence to think of myself as a visual artist.

Since moving to Vermont in June 2021, I found a place at Shelburne Pond Studios. The beautiful landscape of this cow-barn-turned-studio, the changing seasons and the dramatic sky have given me a renewed sense of wonder for nature and artistic possibilities.

I’ve enjoyed working with acrylic paints and collage abstraction, playing with the whirl and swirl of colors and how it mimics the winds of change in my world. The simple beauty, whimsy and movement of the colors makes me happy!

I’ve gravitated toward mixed-media pieces, including acrylic and collage canvasses of flowers and summer gardens, monoprints and watercolor/collage pieces. I’ve experimented with portrayals of the Vermont landscape, including views from Mt. Philo, Camel’s Hump and the red barn outside my studio window. And did I mention flowers?

When I am not creating art, I continue to enjoy making music, writing fiction and spending time outdoors and on the water.

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