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FAQs and Parent Handbook 


We look forward to welcoming you and your child to ACA! 

To learn more about up-to-date information about ACA's programs, policies, mission and daily operations, please read our Parent/Guardian Handbook (Revised for 2022). If you don't see the answer to your question, please email us anytime at or call (781) 648-6220 during our regular office hours (M-F, 9am-5pm). 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will my child be with other kids of the same age? Can I make a special friend request?

Campers will spend each week in small groups (no more than 10 children) of the same age. Groups will enjoy age-appropriate projects and activities. We are happy to honor friend requests whenever possible - if your child would like to be grouped with a friend or sibling, please inform us when you register or at least two weeks before the camp week begins.


Please note: We are not able to accommodate friend requests made less than two weeks before camp begins!

What forms and paperwork do I need to submit?

Please use the list of Required Camp Forms located on the Policies & Forms page. You will find our Emergency Contact and Medical Forms, as well as any required COVID-19 forms. In addition, we require a copy of your child's most recent immunization record.


Please note: for the 2022 camp season, ACA will require proof of full COVID vaccination, or results of a negative PCR test, for all of our campers. Read more at our COVID-19 Updates page.


What should I bring?

For all our programs, please send your child with a labeled backpack, water bottle, face mask and required art supplies, as applicable (find required supplies lists at our Policies & Forms page).

  • For our full day programs, please send your camper with one lunch and two snacks, as well as an extra set of clothes.

  • For Teen Studio, please send one nut-free snack and a water bottle with your child's first and last name. Please leave valuables at home. Cell phones and other electronics may not be used during camp hours, and should only be sent with campers, with explicit written parental permission and for emergency/special use only. 


Do the kids get outdoors and have physical activity during the day?

Our full-day campers enjoy a good amount of physical activity and outdoor time - it's summer after all! Each day, campers will receive an outdoor recess time each day. In their cohorts, campers will also have mealtimes outside, as possible. 


How will I know what my child is doing in camp each week?

Before the start of each weekly session, you will receive a detailed email from our Education & Programs Manager or Camp Director, outlining our projects and activities for the week. On Thursday of each week, you will receive our camp newsletter with a description of our activities and a slideshow of the campers in action. We strive to get a photo of every camper if we can! We will also send a survey at the end of each week, where you can share you and your child's experience of the week. We'd love to get your feedback, and value your input!


How does ACA create a safe, inclusive environment for my camper?

Safety is our number one priority at our camp programs. Our administration and front office staff go through annual first aid/CPR/Narcan training. Additionally, all of ACA’s camp staff participate in an annual concussion training, as well as an annual camp orientation. Camp orientation training includes first aid skills like anaphylaxis and heat exhaustion protocol, but also includes social-skills training in nonviolent communication, cultural humility, gender inclusivity, as well as antiracist frameworks and applications. As part of our organization’s mission of “transforming lives and building community through the arts,” ACA understands our role to actively support our continued education and growth so that we can grow collectively. We understand that our campers and their families are their best advocates. Therefore, we strive to empower our campers and their families to share their feelings and needs to help us better understand how we can provide the best experience possible.

Please note: When filling out your child's First Aid & Emergency Contact forms, please consider providing detailed information about how our staff can best support your child, and their needs, while at camp (e.g. information including your child's interests, behavioral strategies which have worked best for your child, etc.). Providing information about your child in advance of the camp week will help our staff prepare to best support and meet their particular needs during their time with us at camp


How do I sign up for Extended Day?

ACA will be offering Extended Day services during the 2022 summer camp season (please note: we will not offer these services during our February & April camp weeks). The morning session will run from 8:00am - the start of camp and the afternoon session will run from 4:30 - 5:30pm, after the regular camp day has concluded. More information about our 2022 summer extended day services will be released soon. 


Please note: Parents/guardians will be charged an additional $20 for every 10 minutes they are late to pick up their camper from extended day.  This will be to compensate the wages of our employees covering that time for your camper. If this occurs, ACA will submit an invoice to that camper's family at the end of the week


I forgot/was unable to pick up my child's artwork on Friday. Can I still come and pick up their work?

ACA asks that parents pick up any remaining artwork within two weeks of the end of the camp program for which their child was enrolled. ACA is not responsible for any artwork that has not been picked up within two weeks after the end of a given camp program. Parents should contact the ACA office at (781)-648-6220 to schedule a time to pick up their camper's artwork. 


How do I sign up?

  • Register online

  • To register by phone: call (781) 648-6220


Is Scholarship Assistance Available?

Limited Scholarships are available, based on financial need. Complete scholarship information and application are available here. Scholarship assistance is supported in part by Watertown Savings Bank, Winchester Savings Bank, and by individual contributions. Please consider donating to ACA's scholarship fund!


What is your camp Refund Policy?

A $50 fee applies to all cancellations
*four weeks or more before camp week begins: full refund less cancellation fee
*two weeks or more before camp week begins: 50% refund less cancellation fee
*less than two weeks before camp begins: no refund


Other Questions?

If you don't see the answer to your question, please email us anytime at, or call (781) 648-6220 during office hours, 9am-5pm.


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