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Employment Opportunities


Opportunities for Teens & Young Professionals:

ACA is seeking mature, reliable and energetic counselors and coordinators, who enjoy working with kids, for our 2023 Vacation Arts Camp programs

Camp Counselors for Vacation Arts Camps and Arts Academy

for teens ages 16+

Camp Coordinator

for June 26 through September 1, 2023


Camp Counselor Internship Program

for teens ages 15-16

​Opportunities for Art Instructors:

ACA is currently seeking experienced art teachers for our 2023 Art Camp programs, which are offered for children in grades 1-10. We are seeking instructors for the following programs:

PRIORITY HIRING: Movement, Dance, and/or Games Instructor for Vacation Arts Camps (April & Summer)

(for Campers grades 1-6)

Visual Art Teacher for Vacation Arts Camps and Art Academy

(for Campers grades 1-6)

Visual Art Teacher for Teen Studio Camp Programs

(for Teens grades 7-12)

Drama Instructor for Vacation Arts Camps

(for Campers grades 1-6)

Ceramics Instructor for Vacation Arts Camp

(for Campers grades 1-6)

Cartooning & Illustrator Instructor for Art Academy/Teen Studio Camp Programs (Summer)

(for Campers grades 3-6 and/or grades 7-12)

Interested candidates are also welcome to review our HireCulture page for up-to-date listings of hiring opportunities

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to: 


Please also be sure to indicate which program(s) you are applying for/would like to be considered for. 

Semester Art Teachers:


We welcome course proposals year round. If you would like to teach at ACA, please send a resume and cover letter, including a description of what you'd like to teach, to Cat Beaudoin, ACA's Education & Programs Director, at 


All class proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and we will contact you for further information if we feel your proposal might be a good fit for an upcoming term.

Ceramics Instructor -- Queer Pottery (Fall 2023)

(for adult students)

Strengthening Equity

Arlington Center for the Arts makes an intentional effort to center access, equity, and inclusivity as we expand our artistic, administrative, leadership, and instructional teams. We recognize this is an effort we needed to put into practice long ago. We are actively educating ourselves and strategizing to uphold more equitable practices from here on out. Historical and institutional barriers have a significant impact on who has had access to what opportunities. At the ACA, we believe these marginalized communities must be centered in our work. With this in mind, ACA strongly encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds including people of color, LGBTQIA+ individuals, intergenerational voices, people of varying abilities and other marginalized communities to apply to any opportunities that my interest them. 

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