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A Kids-Eye View of A-Town

What does Arlington look like through the eyes of our kids?

How about the Robbins Library done up with red spots, glowing blue/green windows, and a purple polka dot sky? How about the Capitol Theater done up in 1930’s art deco style? Or the view looking up into the towering slides at Robbins Farm Park, the colorful shops lined up along Mass Ave in Capitol Square, plus Uncle Sam as you’ve never seen him before…?!

Stratton School 5th grader Neeraja Deshpande with her painting, “Abstract Robbins.” In her artist statement Neeraja gives insight into her creative process, saying, “My picture was actually watercolor and it looked somewhat realistic, but then I got bored of the bland colors and decided to discolor it. I really love the library because it has such a wide selection of books and I love reading.”

Hardy School 5th grader Georgia Terry with her painting, “Mass Ave.” In her artist statement Georgia says, “I chose Mass Ave because it is one of the busiest places in Arlington. You can do many things on Mass Ave, from watching movies to doing art projects, Mass Ave is such a fun place!”

Dallin School 5th Grader Abi Hodgdon with her piece, “The Slides.” “I chose to do the slides at Skyline Park,” Abi says, “because they were always my favorite place to go when I was younger. Images of Arlington was an excuse to visit them again for me. The angle I drew it from was how I always looked at it, starting from the bottom and looking up to the top.”

Those are just a few of the 400+ visions and views of our town by Arlington 5th graders, now on display in the 7th annual “Kids Images of Arlington” exhibit, a collaboration between ACA and the Arlington public schools.

From the 400+ entries in the show, ACA jurors selected one Award of Excellence and several honorable mentions from each 5th grade class.

Award winners from the Stratton School at the Images of Arlington Opening Reception and Awards ceremony on April 5, 2012. Congratulations, all!

The exhibit is on display at the Arlington Center for the Arts through May 18. Please stop in!

See the complete photo set from the Opening Reception, plus photos of all the Award-winning artwork on ACA’s Flickr Page!

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