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Arlington Open Studios 2022: Meet Collage and Mixed Media Artist Janice Hayes-Cha

Janice Hayes-Cha knew that she wanted to make art her full time career after a battle with cancer in her early 40s. During her treatments, she received hundreds of get well cards from friends and family. Once her cancer was in remission, she decided to preserve the memory of these cards by “doing collage in a painterly way.”

Now Janice Hayes-Cha has created wholesale prints of her art for stores in the Philadelphia and Boston areas, sold most of her original artwork, and taken on many commissions over the years, including one from the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Hayes-Cha describes her art style as “painting with pieces of paper.” Her studio is filled with boxes of beautiful cards that are organized by color. Her process starts with a painted sketch of her collage, followed by the collaging process. She begins with the background first and builds the image from there, using her painting as a guide for color. People from all over the world now send her cards for her artwork, making her process not only unique, but eco-conscious and collaborative.

There is a field of blooming yellow sunflowers that takes up almost the whole page. Blue sky peeks out behind the sunflowers. Each piece is made with strips and cuttings from various cards.
Sunflowers by Janice Hayes-Cha

When it comes to the Arlington Open Studios, Janice is filled with excitement. “I love the Open Studios,” she says. “I’m astounded at how many people come out for it. I look forward to seeing people in the community. It is a really nice, festive day.” You can find Janice Hayes-Cha and her mixed media collages in Town Hall at Arlington Open Studios on November 12th, 2022, 11am - 5pm.

A depiction of Arlington Center near Regent theatre takes up the whole page. There is a church in the the background. Cars and bikes line the streets.
Arlington Center by Janice Hayes-Cha

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