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b.g. lewandowski’s photo mandalas

b.g. lewandowski started his creative life as a writer described variously as “wry, witty, observant of all things odd or unseen.”

We don’t know much about his earlier writing, but since he’s turned his camera lens on the world, he’s captured a kaleidoscope of odd, quirky, witty and sometimes poignant images, now on display in the Tufts Street Community Gallery at ACA, through October 1st.

Or, as he says it: “I use the Dick Cheney method to photograph: I keep shooting until I hit something.”

In the exhibit, b.g. presents digitally-created mandalas from his original photos, which are displayed side-by-side.

Read more about the exhibit on ACA’s website

See more of b.g.’s work on his blog

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