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“Beatle Mania” comes to Arts Camp

Pop Art project for “Beatle Mania” week at ACA Arts Camp

It may be more than 50 years since John, Paul, George and Ringo burst onto the music scene, but the FAB FOUR still inspired lots of happy enthusiasm at ACA’s arts camp last week!

All week long, campers made art inspired by the 1960s, learning a bit about famous artists Andy Worhol, Claes Oldenburg and Jackson Pollack along the way. In music and drama, we learned a bunch of Beatles songs and put together our own original all-camp musical featuring 5 Beatles songs.

On Wednesday, we had a special guest performance by the Beatles Ensemble from the Winchester Community Music School, led by our music teacher for the week, Tad Hitchcock.

Here’s a video “Yellow Submarine,” with the kids singing along on the chorus, and some great dancing at the end:

And here are a few other highlights and impressions of our week:

Campers created soft sculptures of musical instruments, inspired by the work of sculptor Claes Oldenburg.

Our littlest campers, in the “Young at Art” group, created charming and colorful hand print pop art paintings.

Counselors in Training created art inspired by music, including this great response to the Beatles’ song “Let it Be”

The CITs took a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston – what a great group!

It was a timely visit to the MFA – CITs checked out the new “Hippie Chic” exhibit about the 1960s fashion revolution.

Want to see more “Beatle Mania”?

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