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Behind the Scenes: ACA hangs Arlington art exhibit at the State House

We had both a great honor and a great time this morning – hanging an exhibit of artwork in the Senate Gallery at the Massachusetts State House. The exhibit showcases work by ACA studio artists, teachers, and friends, and will be on display through the end of July. A reception for the artists is planned & we’ll post the date as soon as we have it.

Artists in the exhibit include: Connie Chamberlain, Marjorie Glick, Al Hiltz, Adrienne Landry, Nilou Moochhala, Vicki Paret, Pam Shanley, Lorraine Sullivan, Olga Yakovleva, Jessie Young and Phil Young.

Sarah Buyer and Pam Shanley labeling the artwork

ACA is honored to have been invited into the Senate Gallery by Senator Ken Donnelly, and couldn’t have done it without the fabulous Debra Woodman, Director of Administration at the Senate Office of Administration and Finance, who runs the gallery program. Our thanks also to Hannah Buntich for her help and good humor (and coffee!). We’ll see her again later this month for ACA’s annual “Kids Images of Arlington” exhibit hosted by Senator Donnelly.

We thought you might enjoy some behind-the-scenes photos from the hanging…

Images from left to right: Pam Shanley, Debra Woodman and Sarah Buyer – what a great team!; Pam Shanley, ACA Operations Director, seated beneath her own piece, “Ice Plant.”; The hanging crew was terrific and good-humored – even when we couldn’t agree whether the paintings were hanging straight. Thanks guys!

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