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Camper raises money for ACA

A most warm and sincere thank you to one of our returning campers this week, who once again demonstrated her clear enthusiasm for and dedication to ACA’s summer arts programs. Ella Bengtson, a veteran camper of ACA’s summer camps and a member of the Oceans group this week, donated the proceeds from a lemonade sale she held on Thursday to help maintain ACA’s classroom supplies.

Bengtson, who has been attending ACA’s summer camps for over 3 years, noticed a pencil sharpener in one of the classrooms was working more slowly than usual – and a light bulb went off. “I just needed to. This was important to me because the people at ACA are so awesome and there should be good supplies.”

Bengtson, along with her friend Sofia, raised close to $60, which they donated in full to ACA – no small feat. Most important, however, was the fun Bengtson had. “We had a lot of fun. We’re gonna do a lemonade stand for UNICEF next.”

ACA wants to thank Bengtson again for her generous donations to our organization. We’re sure Bengtson, who will become a Counselor-in-Training at ACA next summer, will continue to be an enormous asset to our camp programs!

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