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Check Out Long Standing ACA Teacher Sue Funk's Drawing Classes This Winter!

Sue Funk is a long time teacher here at Arlington Center for the Arts and she returns this winter with two drawing and painting classes. Sue Funk is a Massachusetts Certified Teacher who has been teaching on and off since her children were in elementary school over 20 years ago. Her teaching specialty covers drawing, cartooning and other creatively designed classes. She belongs to the North Shore Arts Association and the National Association of Women Artists, Inc. In addition to teaching, she is a practicing artist. One of her pieces, "Barbara's Beach" was selected as part of ACA's REAL! exhibition and is on display in the Shaira Ali Gallery.

Peace and order are an integral part of Funk's approach to both her art practice and her teaching philosophy. She says that she wants to "create the world I wish to witness," where "chaos, brutality and bullying do not exist." She observes, recreates, and reinvents the world around her in her search through peace through art. She expresses this philosophy as a teacher as well. She wants her students to be able to accurately reflect their thoughts and emotions, using art to bring order and understanding in a form of cleansing therapy.

When asked what she hoped students took away from her classes, Sue had this to say:

" First of all, I love to draw but I do not take myself too seriously as an artist. That being said, I hope that each student will enjoy our class, maybe learn a bit, maybe come away from each class with a bit more confidence and certainly have learned to enjoy “art” as well. Beyond that, anything learned is a treat!!!!"

Having taught at ACA during summer camps and afterschool classes, Funk is excited to bring two drawing and painting classes for adults this winter.

"Barn in the Woods" Sue Funk

In Drawing Barns! students will spend six weeks exploring one of the most integral parts of America's country landscapes; barns! After a previous student recommended barns as an art subject to Sue Funk, she quickly decided that they were the perfect combination of beauty and challenge for her students. So come spend some time working on your perspective, composition and color techniques while expressing your own interpretation of a familiar American sight.

"Sue's Mandala" Sue Funk

Dive into meditation and mandalas in Creating Mandalas on Tuesdays in the new year. Mandalas have become very popular in recent years, and have a long history in Asian art. Coming from the Sanskrit word for "circle" or "discord object," a mandala is generally a geometric design of circles within a square, all focused around a central point. In many Asian traditions, mandalas act as guides through a transformational process. As you work towards the center, it is thought that you are guided from a world full of suffering to of filled with joy and happiness. As someone who is focused on using art to work through her emotions and finding order in the universe, Sue Funk is drawn to the relaxing process of mandalas. Join her this winter to create your very own mandala.

Click on the links below to register for Sue Funk's classes this winter, and be sure to check out the Winter Catalog for the rest of ACA's classes and workshops.

6 Tuesdays. 1:00 - 3:00 pm


No class 2/22

Tuition $193 m, $213 nm

6 Tuesdays 10:00 am- 12:00 pm


No class 2/22

Tuition $193 m, $213 nm


ACA instructors and students enrolled in our indoor, in-person classes and workshops are asked to submit proof of full vaccination or negative COVID test at least three days in advance of the start of their program by completing our COVID Vaccination Form, where they can upload a photo, scan, or digital record of your COVID vaccination card or vaccine record. For multi-session courses, students would be required to present a new negative COVID test prior to each class session.

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