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CITs Visit Chihuly Exhibit at the MFA

CITs visiting the Chihuly exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Summer 2011

Last week, ACA’s Counselors in Training (CITs) took a field trip to see the Chihuly Exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, and we asked them to share some of their thoughts and impressions on “Chihuly: Through the Looking Glass.” We think you’ll be impressed by their observations…!

Rebecca (right) at the Chihuly exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts

“When I look at Chihuly’s work,” said Rebecca, age 13, “I feel like I’m part of his picture, part of the sculpture. Maybe that’s what he tries to do. He uses bright, shimmering colors and extravagant, intricate designs to make something almost unreal. I liked how he made each piece so that the light would shine through it, and make it almost glow. We saw a boat filled with abstract glass shapes and colors that spilled over the sides which made me think about what it must take to make something like that. There were gardens of glass that displayed the colors of the rainbow. There were rooms where the ceiling was covered in small glass figurines so when the light from the bulbs were lit up, the room would be filled with colorful light. It was amazing. These were sculptures that you can’t stop looking at, that don’t make sense, but still keep you staring. Magic. I didn’t know anything could look that beautiful, but it can.”

Rebecca, age 13, ACA Counselor in Training

Clara (left) basking in the glow of Chihuly...

“This Thursday, we visited the MFA – the museum of fine art,” Said CIT Clara, age 12. “I’ve always envisioned ‘Fine Art’ as a two-dimensional piece, such as a painting or a drawing. I also automatically assumed that to be considered fine art, the art had to be older; done by famous artists like Monet, or Vermeer. But the Chihuly exhibit caused me to completely change my mind set about art as a whole.

“I’ve seen glass blowing before, but never in this fashion. The colors and unique shapes were stunning. I could not believe my eyes – I had had absolutely no idea how much could be done with glass. And I was inspired by the artist’s dedication – after a huge setback, he just changed his approach and continued working.

“But what I really enjoyed about the field trip was that the art was not only beautiful visually – it was thought-provoking. It was engaging to just sit and stare into the art, because it aroused so many memories and thoughts in my head. And now, I realize what fine art really is – art that makes you think.”

Clara, age 12, ACA Counselor in Training

Want to see more? See the complete slideshow of the CIT field trip.

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