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Contemporary Watercolor: Juror Statement by Marjorie Glick

I chose works where the artist’s chosen subject was original or personal. I looked for a connection between the subject matter and the best that watercolor has to offer in terms of transparency, fluidity, and jewel like colors. I was drawn to works with vivid, balanced, or thoughtful use of color. I feel that colors in a painting should invite the viewer to linger over the image. I also prize watercolors that are direct, transparent, and show a spontaneity in their use of the water part of watercolor. A good watercolor should look like a watercolor and not an oil painting.

Thank you to all who submitted works. I enjoyed seeing so many wonderful watercolors. There were many difficult choices to be made but in the end, thanks to your submissions, we have a show here that gives us much to savor and enjoy.


Prize Winners:

Joyful Return, Pam Watson

I loved the fresh exuberant take on the subject of flowers, The colors are jewel like and transparent and it was interesting to me how the artist seemed to compose the image in an organic and intuitive way. The painting felt spontaneous and joyful. It is also a beautifully crafted watercolor.

Karen Fitzgerald & Marjorie Glick

Watercourse Encounter, Karen Fitzgerald

I loved the energy of the moving water and the many marks and strokes that were layered to express the motion of the stream. There was freshness and spontaneity in the way the layers were applied and I was drawn to the vibrant blue color. The subject and the artists interpretation are perfect for the medium of watercolor.

Italian Journal, Lorraine Sullivan

I enjoyed the symmetry of this diptych and the way the figure on each panel was related to the other. There is a skillful and seamless weaving together of elements of watercolor, drawing and collage and, of figure, place and time.

Ellen’s House, Gwen Chasan

The artists’ skillful use of yupo paper really showed the slippery watery nature of this medium. The pairing of many energetic lines and the watery application of earthy colors are the perfect expression for a nest- the artist’s subject. There is also an intimacy to the painting, like you are peering into the nest that you’ve just discovered. A very expressive work.

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