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Faculty Profile: Connie Thibaut, Luminous Oil Painting

A passionate, knowledgeable and energetic teacher, Connie Thibaut has a warm and supportive approach that brings confidence to the beginner; her wealth of experience and expertise will challenge the more advanced students working at more advanced levels as well.

In Luminous Oil Painting with Connie, students learn the secrets of the masters through Renaissance-style painting. The class will explore techniques of alternating egg tempera and oil paint media, creating wonderfully translucent layers of paint. “Glazing” is a remarkable effect that captures the luminosity, depth and vitality of color. This class is open to all levels.

portrait drawing by Connie Thibaut

Connie studied painting for five years at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, where she was exposed to the Surrealist painters whose work made a deep impression upon her. Later, at Massachusetts College of Art where she graduated with a BFA, she learned about the Surrealist women painters. She has also studied with local artists such as the late Conger Metcalf, whose work greatly influenced her. Other inspirations include Feminist Art History and Feminist Jungian Studies.

After she was certified to teach, Connie earned the MSAE at Massachusetts College of Art; her thesis show was a Surrealist reinterpretation of an Old French romance. Connie has recently retired from teaching in public schools.

Frances, a student in one of Connie’s painting classes last semester, delighted with the work she created!

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