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Maureen McAfee and Ziza Soares Receive ACA’s Community Arts Leadership Award

On Thursday, June 4th, ACA was fortunate to be a part of Arlington High School’s annual Senior Awards night, which served to recognize and honor the diverse accomplishments of AHS’s graduating class. ACA presented the 5th annual John Cinkala Community Arts Leadership Award to two graduating AHS seniors: Ziza Soares and Maureen McAfee. The John Cinkala Community Arts Leadership Award is generously supported by former President of the Board of Directors for the Arlington Center for the Arts John Cinkala and aims to recognize graduating seniors who have demonstrated creativity and leadership in building community relationships through the arts.

This year’s recipients couldn’t better exemplify the values of this most prestigious award. Ziza Soares, through her work with the Thompson Drama Project, successfully directed 25 children in a highly popular dramatic rendition of The Queen’s New Clothes. Originally brought on as the Assistant Director for what was planned to be one long play, Ziza skillfully transitioned into the role of principal director when the Thompson Drama Project announced it would instead be producing four shorter plays due to the unprecedented number of children who enrolled in the program.

Ziza Soares, center, directed 25 students in an immensely popular rendition of “The Queen’s New Clothes.”

Maureen McAfee, Thursday night’s second recipient of the John Cinkala Community Arts Leadership Award, was an integral member of a team of young artists who lead a mural-making project for the Fox Library. McAfee, an accomplished painter and artist, worked with a group of students to transform one of the meeting rooms at the Fox library from a drab basement into a lasting work of art for all to enjoy.

ACA was honored and proud to award these two accomplished community artists and continue John Cinkala’s important work of recognizing and empowering young emerging artists within the Arlington community!

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