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Meet Lidia Kenig-Scher: Intuitive Artist and Feng Shui Designer at Arlington Open Studios 2022

When taking on a commission, Lidia Kenig-Scher’s art style is different from most artists. She paints not what the client wants, but what the client “needs.” Her artistic process involves

an explosion of magenta, turquoise, blue, red, and yellow ink fills the page. Yellow dots that almost resemble smiley faces peek out here and there. The shapes of the colors resemble veins or tree branches.
Something Is About To Be Born by Lidia Scher Art

mediation, chanting, and a transformation of reality in which she paints what she believes the client needs.” She grounds herself and connects with her root chakra, “allowing the Earth and the Heavens to meet at [her] heart.” Before being a full time intuitive artist, she owned a successful interior design business that focused on Feng Shui, being a Feng Shui master herself. Painting, however, is not her job. To Scher, “Painting is not my career. It is my life.”

Through the Eyes of the Heart by Lidia Scher Art

Kenig-Scher draws inspiration from Rembrandt, O’Keeffe, and Rassouli. Rembrandt holds a special place in her heart because his paintings have light that “comes from an object…a comes from within.” Instead of an obvious source, such as the Sun or Moon, the light sources in his paintings come from a candle or a person. Kenig-Scher believes that we all have a light that comes from within and Rembrandt captures this perfectly. O’Keeffe and Rassouli provide abstract, spiritual inspiration. Lidia Kenig Scher wishes she could sit and talk with O’Keeffe and listen to her life story.

Kenig-Scher started ArtLinks Arlington after she joined the ACA as a member. She longed for a space where local artists could network and connect with one another. Kenig-Scher’s work, whether it is through her paintings, her interior design, or her networking community, is focused on living “a harmonious life.” When it comes to selling her art, “the people who buy the art connect to something.” Lidia Kenig-Scher will exhibit and sell her artwork on the 4th floor of the Arlington Center for the Arts at Arlington Open Studios on November 12th, 2022.

This art piece is an abstract piece. It starts with bright yellow at the top and firework-like shapes decorate the page throughout. The yellow blends into a deep purple section, then a light blue into a teal section.
Treasures by Lidia Scher Art

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