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Michael Clark Wonson to lead art explorations this winter

“The town of Arlington has been my home for over three years. In this time I have grown to fall in love with the community and the landscape. I wanted to give back on some level to the town, which has held me so closely and allowed me to fly creatively.”

So says Michael Clark Wonson, a creative new addition to ACA’s teaching faculty, starting his first semester as one of our amazing art teachers. Wonson, who is teaching “Budding Artists” for kids in grades K – 2 and “Drawing For Theatre: Rendering Scenes” and “Drawing For Theatre: Rendering Costumes” for adults, is eager to lead a number of art explorations at ACA this winter. “In my classes, I look forward to coaxing every artist out of their shell and equipping then with the tools to express theatrical ideas,” he says.

Wonson’s lighting work for a production of “Bat Boy.”

In “Budding Artists,” which began this past Saturday, students are learning about color and composition as they create their own fun and interesting art projects. “I’m looking forward to seeing my group grow in skill level every week,” Wonson says. “My projects challenge the student to learn and take risks.”

In “Drawing for Theatre: Rendering Scenes,” which began on January 19, students are learning how to design scenery and convey their unique artistic visions for a theatrical production. Wonson, a self-described “theatrical artist” with over 10 years of professional experience, is excited to delve further into a medium he loves: theatre design. “I’ve worked all over the country and 100,000’s of people have been entertained by my part in many creations,” he says. “There is a joy in creating temporary art which needs to be experienced to be understood. Art is something that we can share together in an experience.”

Wonson’s scenery design sketches.

Wonson will also be offering a course starting in March – “Drawing For Theatre: Rendering Costumes.” Running for 3 Tuesdays, from March 8 – 22, students will learn how to depict different types of fabric and clothing on a person’s form. Wonson notes that he’s eager to share his long-held passion for costume design with interested students. “I’ve always loved clothes. I find fabric fascinating and I love drawing. It was a perfect marriage.”

Wonson’s costume design sketches.

Join Wonson and ACA for one of these creative arts courses this winter – we can’t wait to see what you create! For more info about any of the programs mentioned above or to register, visit our website at

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