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Outside/Inside Boston Buildings

Outside/Inside Boston Buildings

first in a series peeking inside the classrooms to see our young artists at work!

“Urban Adventures” was our theme during week #1 of summer vacation arts 2010. Kids in Kaetlyn Wilcox’s groups created fold-out “outside/inside” posters using detailed drawing and paper cutting.

Their projects are fold-out architectural masterpieces!

Kaetlyn says: “The purpose of this project was for the kids to think about the form and function of specific city landmarks through careful observation. We also dabbled in a little bit of perspective. The kids looked at photographs of familiar Boston buildings and thought about the proportions, shapes and details that give a specific building its character. They also learned about the function of their chosen buildings. Finally, the kids created detailed, wild and crazy imagined interiors for their buildings.”

Here’s just one great example…



for more scenes from our “Urban Adventures” week, check out our slideshow, here:

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