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Ronni Komarow brings book arts (and more) to ACA

“The arts have always been at the center of my life and my identity,” admits Ronni Komarow, a graphic designer by trade and, starting for the first time this Fall, one of ACA’s amazing art teachers. “I don’t have a formula for my work; mostly I try to remain true to my own identity and personal viewpoint.”

Komarow will bring this creative personal viewpoint to three arts workshops at ACA this Fall, allowing students to delve headfirst into the unique and unconventional mediums of book arts and textiles. For adults, Komarow will be offering two innovative and creative workshops for arts lovers.

In “Uncommon Threads,” running on October 31 from 12:30 – 3:30 pm, students will cut, combine, and reconfigure textiles to create amazing decorative pillows with embroidery, applique and a touch of creative magic.

In “The Art of the Book,” running on November 7th from 12:30 – 3:30 pm, students will curate a collection of their favorite papers, images and memories into a unique artists’ book to share with friends and loved ones.

For kids looking for a creative outlet, Komarow’s “Kids’ Book Arts” workshop is sure to be the perfect place to imagine, innovate, and create. Running on November 21st from 12:30 – 2:30 pm, this fun and engaging kids’ workshop will allow students to learn a couple of basic book-art techniques while reconfiguring recyclables in new and creative ways to create something totally new.

“The Plan Spread” by Ronni Komarow

Komarow has always loved the idea of using recyclables and found objects to create something wild, wooly, and wholly original. “I’m always excited to work with book arts and recycled materials — I love the idea of taking a second look at materials that we might otherwise discard,” says Komarow.

Her advice for aspiring artists and arts lovers: “Just remember that art-making is a journey (as opposed to a destination)…while it’s wonderful when students can take joy and pride in the finished product, my focus is on guiding students through the depth and breadth of their individual creative process.”

Join Komarow for this transformative artistic process this Fall for any of her fun and engaging arts workshops. For more info about these workshops or any other of ACA’s Fall 2015 classes, visit our website at – or call our office at (781)-648-6220.

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