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Street Piano finds a home at ACA

“Play Me, I’m Yours”

That’s the simple, irresistible credo, and title, of a public art phenomenon, devised by British artist Luke Jerram and organized by Street Pianos. The installation involves 1,500 strategically placed pianos across 50 cities around the globe – everywhere from New York to London to Singapore and more.

Bill’s original piano – before the artistic transformation.

You may have seen some in our very own hub of Boston – 60 hand-painted pianos placed on sidewalks and in parks around the city, free for the public to use to their hearts’ content.

But now this amazing installation has come even closer to home. The Arlington Center for the Arts has become the proud owner of our very own Street Piano, free and open for the public to use and enjoy. The piano comes to ACA courtesy of Bill Turville, a local architect and artist, as well as one of ACA’s amazing arts camp teachers, who designed the sleek black exterior for this public piano.

Bill designed the piano’s exterior based on images of road cases – sleek black containers used to carry instruments all around the world. For a traveling piano, the imagery seemed fitting.

Bill started with a sketch of the piano’s exterior – inspired by road cases.

Bill sketched his design, then worked alongside dozens of other artists, all looking to artistically transform their pianos before putting them around the city.

A work in progress.

An architect by trade, Bill used his design expertise to craft this cool, creative piano design.

Bill’s decked-out “Road Case Piano” being played by a passerby outside the Wang.

Bill’s piano traveled throughout Boston, ultimately landing in our very own laps here at ACA!

Bill & the gang at ACA, celebrating this awesome new addition to our home!

Interested in seeing ACA’s new “Road Case Piano” or even playing it? Come by the ACA lobby to see this magical and musical addition to our space!

You can also see Bill being interviewed about the project here:

Huge thanks to Bill for allowing us to home this awesome public piano!

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