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The Hinhoona Bill of Rights

The Hinhoona Bill of Rights… and other revelations from “Stars and Stripes” week taking a peek inside arts camp @ ACA

Members of the Pines group with a banner of flags for their new state, "Pinezopia."

So, with last week’s camp theme of “Stars and Stripes,” ACA campers became the founding fathers and mothers of the 51st, 52nd, 53rd and 54th new states of the union in Drama classes with Alec Beekmans.

The Willows group present and consider each camper's flag design for their new state of "Kroobs."

In a living example of participatory democracy in action, each group of campers decided on a name for their new state, designed their state flag, and composed their state’s bill of rights and necessities.

So, we introduce you to the four newest states of our union, with the statements of rights and necessities composed by the kids…


The Willows group (5 years old) founded the new state of Kroobs. Their bill of rights and necessities says: “Please treat all living creatures with respect.”

The Maples group (6 years old) founded the new state of Sinkadink. In Sinkadink: 1. All nature and animals are protected. 2. All citizens will share natural resources.

The Oaks group (7 & 8 years old) founded the state of Hinhoona. Citizens of Hinhoona share: 1.The right to go where you want to go; 2. The right to interrupt the speaker if it’s important; 3. The right to bring back items from other states as long as they are safe.

The Pines group (9-11 years old) founded the state of Pinezopia. Their Bill of Rights states: 1. Every living thing has the right to make their own decisions; 2. No harming animals; 3. Every citizen gets one four-day weekend a month; 4. Everyone should plant one pine tree in an appropriate place every year; 5. You can only cut down trees when absolutely necessary.


At the end of the week, the kids marched in an old-fashioned 4th of July parade around the arts center, wearing hats and waving flags and giant pinwheels they created during the week. The parade ended on the ACA stage, where the groups showed off the juggling skills they learned in circus arts class, and concluded with the presentation of their newly-founded states.

Long live Hinhoona! (and Kroobs, Sinkadink, and Pinezopia)

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