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Thumati to lead art adventures this winter

“The most rewarding and enjoyable part of teaching at ACA is the liberty to teach creatively, to be given the opportunity of exploring one’s subject and sharing one’s knowledge and skills with freedom,” says Sri Thumati, a member of ACA’s teaching faculty.

Thumati will be teaching two fun and creative photography classes this winter – Photography For Teens for students in grades 6 – 10 and Homeschool Class: Photography Without Cameras for children ages 5 – 8.

Thumati, who started with ACA one year ago, is grateful for the opportunity to combine her interest in the arts and science this semester. “I am excited to see how students in both classes perceive photography after exploring it as an art form,” she says. “I am looking forward to watching them embrace art and science as one entity, allowing them, in turn, to express themselves.”


In Photography For Teens, students will learn to create, document and explore fine art photography. Topics will include; composition, lighting, narrative photography and how to get the most out of one’s camera. “I hope for the students to stop and look keenly around them, to choose the objects that they want to highlight, to think about placement of objects and how framing an image changes its appeal,” says Thumati.

In her Homeschool Class, students will have the opportunity to experiment with cyanotypes, photograms and alternative photo methods to create their very own photography book. Using safe, non-toxic chemicals, students will create camera-less photographs to cherish and enjoy. Thumati says: “The mystery of the final work is quite enticing! I hope for the students to be enamored by the process and I hope to give them the tools to learn another form of expression.”

Images from left to right: Heart and Soul; Sunset Over Cat; Winter Lights


Thumati, who has had a life-long passion for photography and has been taking photos professionally for 20 years, says that her interest in the arts compelled her to begin teaching. “My love for photography, its simplicity and the joy of magnifying everything I see around me made me want to impart my knowledge to children,” she says.

Thumati with her children

“Children are inherently curious and have a keen sense of observation. I want to teach them my skills in the field, and have them hone in on that curiosity and observation. When I create my artwork, I am taking what I have learned and I let my heart do the rest. It is a way of expression, and an outlet of sorts. After I complete any art work, I feel a sense of relief.”

Her advice for aspiring artists and arts lovers: “The only advice I have for students and aspiring artists, especially the ones taking my classes, is to keep an open mind about all the different ways art can be explored, photography being one of the most important ways.”

Dusky Geese, Sri Thumati

Explore your inner creativity this winter with Thumati in one of her creative photography classes. For more info or to register for one of her classes, visit our website at

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