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Your child can be an “Art Explorer”

An Art Explorers student with his self portrait in the Gibbs Gallery

Can’t decide between drawing or sculpture class? Does your child love all kinds of art making? Try Art Explorers! We explore many different kinds of art techniques including painting, drawing, clay and lots more.

Taught by the popular and imaginative Pam Shanley, kids will learn basic art concepts like texture, line, color and shape while creating fun and stimulating projects based on topics that make them think.

Each week, the Art Explorers visit ACA’s Gibbs Gallery downstairs, to see what’s on display. Drawing inspiration from what we see and learn in the gallery, we return to our classroom to make art of our own.

Art Explorers with Pam Shanley 8 Thursdays, 3:30 – 5:30pm September 27-November 11, 2012 $180 (ACA members) $195 (nonmembers) Register online or call (781) 648-6220

Self portrait projects, Art Explorers in the Gallery showing off their completed work.

Art Explorers project – full body masks!

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